Ok, good to know. Thanks.

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Kind of... if you don't actually have radios active, the SAS will still let GAA users use your channels, so buying up all the PALs wouldn't stop anyone else from using it unless you actually built something. Also, there are limits on how many PALs any one entity can own in a census tract.

Last I heard, the auction rules hadn't really been figured out yet. They were originally saying that they wouldn't auction any PALs unless there were at least two bidders, but I think they changed that now. It seems to be expected that a lot of PALs in rural areas won't ever get bid on.

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i thought there were going to be antisquatting regulations in play to stop that

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Does anyone know how PAL bidding in CBRS is going to work? I'm too tired for deep reading tonight.

My first thought was "maybe we should just bid $1 (or the minimum) for a channel in every tract around us just in case nobody else does."

Second thought was "There are only around 73,000 census tracts in the US, what stops somebody with deep pockets from bidding $1000 on all of them? If I'm Google, why not bid $10,000 each?"

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