Or don’t donate anything, and pay no tax!  Sorry, I know this is a non 
political thread (unless you view Apple vs Android as a political culture war). 
 But I am struck that it was a scandal that Mitt Romney only paid 14% income 
tax, giving him no credit for tithing to his church (and don’t forget the 
charity boxing match!)  Yet now we have someone who apparently does neither, 
and he’s a genius.


Meanwhile, I’ve got an old vehicle to donate, and am wondering if those 
cars-for-kids deals are for real or just scams.  Maybe better to just take it 
to the auto wrecker and then donate the cash?



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I use this tax strategy years ago and it enabled me to donate more money and 
pay less tax.


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Thanks for the tips! AAPL may be a good buy right now but not a steal

Jon Langeler
Michwave Technologies, Inc.

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> I'm all in on AAPL at $114 (a few weeks ago). Keep blowing up those phones 
> Samsung... LOL
> This is a longer term investment... making 2% dividends is better than most 
> bank CD's or savings accounts, and Apple has made a 16% annual return over 
> the last 5 years. Even if their stock just holds (which it won't now because 
> of the Samsung thing, etc), it's making 2% and it's still "liquid" according 
> to the banks, which helps on personal financial statements.
> AND, the new hip thing to do is donating stock to your church as a charitable 
> donation. You don't have to pay the tax on the increase if you sold it first, 
> you just transfer it at the current value. Amazing the tax tricks these 
> church going people come up with... LOL
> Travis

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