Well, DailyKos is hardly an unbiased news site.  It’s the very left opinion 
site run by Marcos Moulitsas aka “Kos”.  And they couldn’t even link to the 
supposed “report”, because it’s been deleted.  It’s a post from a “Diary” by a 
guy who started posting anti-Trump stuff on the site, according to his Profile.




No idea if this guy is a liberal wingnut or a troll, but hardly a news report.



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That's one of the government's favorite tricks. It has been done to others in 
the past as well. Nobody recovers from that - ever.


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this just went from interesting to really freaking weird, like a dimestore 
novel for retarded people weird 


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Wonder if he tried rebooting his router?



On 10/17/2016 7:15 PM, CBB - Jay Fuller wrote:


story i heard while driving today and having a MSM (main stream media) channel 
on my xm radio said it was JOHN KERRY putting pressure on Ecuador...



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So it was Ecuador?� Did they just unplug his Ethernet cable in the IT 
closet?� Oh, and it happened on Saturday?







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