Isn't the internet a basic human right now? So them taking it away from him is equivalent to torture?

On 10/17/2016 9:50 PM, That One Guy /sarcasm wrote:
im new to reddit so i dont know how to verify anything, but apparently they simply shut off his wifi. It makes sense is something as simple as that, I assume its a secure facility and they control all the wireless in the building. but the initial report mad it sound like a secure channel was infiltrated and brought down james bond style, more like uncheck ESSID "wikileaks"

They are also claiming 14 wikileaks operatives internet connections are down

maybe he simply didnt pay his bill?

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    story i heard while driving today and having a MSM (main stream
    media) channel on my xm radio said it was JOHN KERRY putting
    pressure on Ecuador...

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        So it was Ecuador?  Did they just unplug his Ethernet cable in
        the IT closet?  Oh, and it happened on Saturday?


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