Wondering if anyone else has dealt with this and if so what they used as a


I am getting more and more texts from customers as time goes on. They get my
cell phone number at some point when I call them or from a friend or who
knows but they hold onto it. 

Instead of emailing the tech support or calling in they send me a text to my
cell phone.  "hey my internet isn't working" . I don't know who the hell
they are of course since its just some random number with no context. So
Then I am faced with ignoring the text or replying. " I'm sorry but I don't
know who this is from can you please give me additional information. "

Text back and forth over the next 15 minutes reveal they have the wireless
turned off on their computer or the router took a shit or they are off line.
Regardless it's annoying, I have considered asking them not to text my cell
phone and instead call or email but half the time they are still going to
get me. That's not ideal. Please don't text my cell phone instead use our
online contact option or call us at.. 5 minutes later I get a call that
forwards to my cell phone not ideal.  although that is changing and
hopefully in the next 6 months I won't be doing any tech support calls


How do you guys deal with this from a company standpoint. 


Just so everyone realizes it. this is at least 65% rant so sarcasm and
honest real feedback are both welcome. 


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