Core alignment is better....but the difference isn't much.

If you have to splice into something older than a certain year (I can't remember the year....maybe 2000-something?) then you have to have core alignment. I was told the manufacturing process changed at some point and the cladding became consistent enough for cladding alignment to work, but before that point it was core alignment or nothing.

I don't know if this is true with core alignment, but with cladding alignment any tiny bit of debris can misalign the fibers. Usually it's a little flake of the 250um acrylic stuck to the fiber or in the v-groove. It's not a big deal, but it's a thing that might waste a minute or two.

There used to be a huge price difference, but if I was buying one today I'd probably go for core alignment too.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback - super helpful!

Fujikura has the strong brand name, but seems like people have success
with the other brands as well.  I noticed the Fujikura 12s is clad
alignment were the other options are core alignment.  From what I've
ready core alignment would be preferred?

Gotta pull the trigger soon, I'm leaning towards the Oriontek T40.
The all-knowing Google turned up some others having good experience
with it.



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