Thats what I was thinking or and arduino
 I use arduinos to monitor a couple large sites with all kinds of things to monitor including an old trunking system.

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How about connecting a Raspberry PI to the generator and accessing it via IP?

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I have a generator control board that is interfaced via USB, it sits
about 50' away from the building.  The generator has been acting up on
me, failing it's exercise cycle about every 4 attempts, and there is not
an LCD troubleshooting display to see what went wrong. Plugging in via
USB give you complete control and monitoring through software (windows
only), but it requires pulling the control board out to access the USB
port.  I'd like to be able to get access to the control system remotely
by installing a permanent USB hookup, but without having to sit in the
snow and wind with a laptop.

I have found some USB to IP adapters, that range in price from $50-$300,
but they mostly talk about using them as Printer sharing devices. Will
any USB device work with them?  I'm guessing that some software is
required on the PC to get the USB to IP Bridge working, so the quality
of the device is probably dependent on that software.  It looks like
these devices may be mainly used in VM environments to attach USB
Devices to VMs without going through the physical host.    Has anyone
had experience with these devices?



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