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Don't forget about Claas C+ lasers

In terms of OLT Module, the sending power of Class B+ is 1.5~5dBm, and its receiver sensitivity is -28dBm while the sending power of Class C+ is 3~7dBm and receiver sensitivity -32dBm.

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Monday, February 12, 2018, 12:08:13 PM, you wrote:

As I recall, originally the GPON spec had a 12.5 mile limit due to timing, not due to signal strength.
If you launch at -0 dBm and need –24 dBm that is a 24 dB margin.

32:1 splitters have 16 dB loss.  That leaves you with 8 dB for cable, connector and splice loss.
.5 dB per km for 1310, that gives you 16 kM or 10 miles.  I may be off on a few numbers here, but as I recall it worked out to take 32 out the full 12.5 miles without running out of light irrespective of where you placed the splitters.  

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Maybe I need to review the math.

I was figuring on several small splitters along the route.  I didn't compare to a 1x32 in the cabinet because I figured if I brought every fiber back to the cabinet then I didn't save anything versus ethernet.

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How far are you going?  We are pushing almost 20 miles on a 1x32 split.  Are you using one 1x32 or multiple smaller splitters?

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Sunday, February 11, 2018, 10:24:30 PM, you wrote:

I'm looking at rural areas (like a few houses per mile).  As I'm looking at hypothetical power budgets for PON, I'm finding that if I run the line down the road and put splitters on the pole I can split 5-6 times and then I'm getting too low on db to keep going down the road.  At 5 or so houses per port, a 1U, 8 port ONT is no denser than a 1U switch.

Your stated reasons for PON are all correct.  The numbers just aren't seeming to work out for me.

I also figure if I install enough fibers for AE, I can still switch to PON some day if I want to.

We would never max out the PON port, but looking back on the past 15 years of growth in consumption I wonder if I should ever say "never". In AE I can put 100Gig in every house if I have to.  I'll "never" have to do that as far as I can imagine, but my imagination could be limited.


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A few reasons...

Port cost is still fairly high.

More splicing.

More fiber required.

Larger chassis required.

More power required.

More battery backup required.

Consumers not even close to using up 1-2 generations back of PON capacity in most places.

On Sun, Feb 11, 2018 at 7:53 PM, Chuck McCown <ch...@wbmfg.com> wrote:

So, why do PON and not active in these super cheap optics days?

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We are walking away from them and Alphion...I think Mark's product with Zhone is different.


On Sun, Feb 11, 2018 at 2:29 PM, Mike Hammett <af...@ics-il.net> wrote:

I think Chuck Hogg walked far away from DASAN...  or maybe it was DASAN that rescued them from the one they walked far away form. I don't remember which.  ;-)

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In light of finding out that Calix's offering is not going to be anywhere near within budget, does anyone else have any other suggestions?

I found these guys, but have never heard of them:

It looks like DASAN also has an option - I've at least heard of them:


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