I just finally retired my supertool 300, its been healthily beaten. This
harsh sexy beast sacrifices many bits of iyself. So i picked up a wingman
because a little bit less weight and i miss scissors from my first one.
Plus its got a belt clip, the pouch on the supertool was worn and broken
for over a year before i gave in and relegated to tool to my pocket to live
with my tool.
So i was looking at the warranty on the wingman, turns out thes bad mothers
sport a 25 year warranty... 25 years.

Its like getting a do over with my best friend knowing the supertool may
get another ride on the pony. When it gets home i may have a party for it.
This thing has installed and repaired a measurable percentage of the
network. If i had tear ducts instead of hate valves, id do that wet eye
shit that sallys do.

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