There is a feature on the radio that does not lend itself to sealing without their boot. They recess the N connector and the housing has a boss with a lip that surrounds the N connector.

So a boot is needed. I can have them made but I prefer to not have to do that. No idea if I will ever sell enough of these things to pay for the cost of the boot mold.

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I would think it's in UBNT's best interest to keep supplying you with
the boots since it will help them sell the AF11. How many of us have
dishes on towers with Remec ODUs? A lot.

OTOH, silicone-rubber tape is cheap. The boots obviously make it easier
to replace a failed radio though.

I still don't understand why it wasn't just a waveguide interface from
the get-go, but whatever.

On 3/6/2018 10:36 AM, Chuck McCown wrote:
I have been selling them one off at $175 each but I truly don't know my costs yet. The price may get adjusted after I actually ship a quantity so I know my real production volume pricing.

N on the radio, SMA on the feedhorn.

UBNT has been supplying the boots to me... so far.

The SMA ships with a chunk of heat shrink to seal it.

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Price, and how do we order them?  Are those Customer Jumpers, or N to
N?  What are the weatherproofing options?

On 3/6/2018 9:52 AM, Chuck McCown wrote:
Booth was extra hard to set up our display.

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