I still maintain a 1200 baud packet radio network for amateur radio. For serial 
console router management what you are suggesting on 220 MHz would work great. 
Properly built 1200 baud works surprisingly well still. Hardware and such is 
readily available.


Thank You,

Brian Webster




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I was talking to Select Spectrum the other day.  They can get you a channel in 
217-220mhz.  The license is for a whole county.  I think the biggest size is 
1mhz, but they'll also do a 100khz channel.  They'll price it by 
Mhz*population.  A tenth of a mhz times the population of a rural county could 
be pretty cheap.  Oh and you can transmit at 50 Watts ERP.  


So along these lines I was wondering how feasible it would be to build a little 
low speed OOB management network.  You might only get 100kbps, but 217mhz at 50 
Watts should really travel.  It might be just the thing to get you into your 
hung router.  



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Does have a learning curve but great technical support with real folks on 

Jaime Solorza


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Cradlepoint is what we are looking toward for sites. Is it as versatile as 
mikrotik for fieldwork? I need easy changes without reboot


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I have zero issues with Cradlepoint Aer1600... T-MOBILE , Wi-Fi and LAN 
connections....I can use two SIM cards if I need....

Jaime Solorza


On Thu, Apr 5, 2018, 6:40 PM Steve Jones <thatoneguyst...@gmail.com> wrote:

May be looking for two separate items here. And rehashing the site remote acces 

I prefer a multicarrier option, that way if im in the tech van and its verizon 
sim isnt getting quality id like to drop my att straight talk sim in and get 

I prefer mikrotik. I currently use an air router for the install truck and with 
ip aliases i can access all our radios directly from a phone and our long test 
cable. Except not because ubnt chose to hardcode that. If the radio 
connects to our network then we have access to our network from our phone. 
Having the cellular option adds public side access. Plus google earth needs a 
live connection to plot link paths onsite, i did it today on a 300k hotspot 
from my workphone...aweful.

I would like external wifi and cellular antenna options so i dont have to hang 
this out the window in a ziplock baggie, looks kind of ghetto, but it also 
needs to be able to be made portable if im testing where i cant get the van 
close enough to operate off the test cables and have to operate off ac site 
power or out of radio range of the van antenna.


Then, of course external remote site access. We had a site router hang the 
other day and had to drive to the site with a subscriber to connect from the 
ground and reboot the ups, otherwise we would have had to climb or trip the 
breaker and wait for the battery to die

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