For those unaware, Sean Kerr recently announced that he would be
stepping down as the Mojavi project lead due to time and family
issues.  He asked that illusina (Tyler Tompkins) take over in his

Tyler has always been interested in maintaining compatibility between
Agavi and Mojavi, and it was in that vein that he approached us on
Friday.  A number of things resulted from that conversation:

  1. Mojavi and Agavi are not that different currently.  The fork was
not that long ago, and while we have filled in a number of holes, we
have not "broken" major things in terms of compatibility.
  2. Tyler wants to take Mojavi into the public eye.  He has assured
us that from this point on, he wants Mojavi development, discussion
and direction to be visible to the community at large, and we have
agreed to help him do just that.  This obviously addresses the major
reason that we decided to fork in the first place.
  3. Mojavi and Agavi do not have different goals.  We both want to
provide an MVC framework without straying too far from the basic

For those reasons and some I've forgotten, the general consensus was
to merge the two projects.  What this really means is this:

  * Agavi will continue to work towards 0.10.0, after which or perhaps
simultaneously, new development will shift to Mojavi4.
  * Mojavi will discontinue development on the 3.0.0-DEV branch, and
instead begin work on Mojavi4.
  * The current plan is to incorporate the positive pieces from Agavi
(phing integration, unit tests, public development model) into
illusina's new ideas for Mojavi (partially laid out here: ).
  * Mojavi4 looks to be a complete redesign, with a much shorter
release-cycle than prior versions.
Information will hopefully appear on the wiki (link below) as things
are hashed out.

--Bob and the rest of the Agavi Developers.

> Hi,
> what is it actually ? Is this merging stuff is agreed with mojavi
> developers ? Are they really going to start mojavi developement in more
> 'open' way?
> cheers
> Tomek
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