Further pretty fab advanced stuff on


See esp ball handling skills and ATHLETE Nasa robot

From: John G. Rose 
Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 2010 12:06 AM
To: agi 
Subject: RE: [agi] Nao Nao

Aww, so cute.


I wonder if it has a Wi-Fi connection, DHCP's an IP address, and relays sensory 
information back to the main servers with all the other Nao's all collecting 
personal data in a massive multi-agent geo-distributed robo-network.


So cuddly!


And I wonder if it receives and executes commands, commands that come in over 
the network from whatever interested corporation or government pays the most 
for access.


Such a sweet little friendly Nao. Everyone should get one :)




From: Mike Tintner [mailto:tint...@blueyonder.co.uk] 


An unusually sophisticated (& somewhat expensive) promotional robot vid:



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