On Mon, 12 Feb 2018, Cuddle Beam wrote:
> I find it funny how IRRELEVANT is a special case of DISMISS lol
> It's like: "This is bogus- but a SPECIAL kind of bogus!"

I was inspired to look at a history for this.  TRUE and FALSE were
always there, but the rest of the scheme was:


1995 - UNDECIDABLE (logically) and UNKNOWN.

1996 - DISMISS, which was not considered an actual judgement but
        a procedural cancelling without judgement (undecidable and
        unknown are removed).

2002 - DISMISSED becomes a judgement.

        and MALFORMED, mainly so UNDECIDABLE could be used for paradox wins.
        Since that covered the bases, the generic DISMISS was removed.

2014 - Having gotten rid of paradox wins, we decide (in a big ruleset
        cull) that the distinctions no longer need top be tracked, so
        we collapse to just DISMISS again, but list all the reasons
        from the above judgement types in the DISMISS text (e.g. you can
        DISMISS because the case is "irrelevant, malformed, undetermined"

2017 - We separate out IRRELEVANT and INSUFFICIENT, but leave DISMISS to
        cover undecidable, undetermined and malformed.  Mainly to add in
        INSUFFICIENT to specifically hand-slap CFJ Callers who provide
        no evidence (the influx of you newbies brought a bunch of this).

2017 - We put PARADOXICAL in to bring back paradox wins.  DISMISS still
        covers the old UNDETERMINED and MALFORMED.

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