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> On 5/21/2020 5:57 PM, Aris Merchant wrote:
> > On Thu, May 21, 2020 at 5:45 PM Publius Scribonius Scholasticus wrote:
> >> WILL: The person CAN by announcement, and SHALL in a timely fashion, act as
> >> described.
> >>
> >> OR
> >>
> >> WILL: The person CAN and SHALL act as described.
> >>
> >> OR EVEN
> >>
> >> WILL: The person CAN and SHALL so act.
> >
> > I would much prefer to just replace all of the instances where we need
> > to do this with "CAN and SHALL". It's three words. It's manageable and
> > reads nicer to me.
> Yes on its own "CAN and SHALL" is definitely better than "WILL" - needs to
> include all the limits of the original to count.


The timely fashion provision is incorporated by operation of law,
according to Rule 1023. I see no reason why we cannot expand that to
cover anything we need it to cover. Certainly, I agree that "CAN, and
in a timely fashion SHALL," is an infernal mess of a phrase that must
be purged from the ruleset with holy fire. I maintain, however, that
"CAN and SHALL" is much more sensible and elegant than "WILL", and
also has the advantage of preserving the pure symmetry of the Eight
Standard Modals (which is what I've been calling them in my head for
years). All details can and should be resolved by appropriate changes
to Rule 1023.


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