Hi everyone,

I’ve got a requirement to run services on machines with limited resources, 
memory in particular, but also disk (disk == memory for my use case!) In 
addition, I wish to reduce the attack surface area of a service by eliminating 
code that isn’t used.

I’d therefore like to take a unikernal-style of approach to my services which, 
of course, use Akka. Using Proguard on my service very quickly revealed 
problems relating to Akka. From looking through past posts, it seems that the 
use of Proguard has been a discussion relating to Android (which also hasn’t 
helped me around the issues I’ve been having).

Would there be any interest in seeing Akka become more suitable for dead code 
elimination, particularly with the advent of Akka Typed? (reflection and dead 
code elimination are at odds with each other)

Having an official project declaration of what classes should be kept for dead 
code elimination, and an integration build verifying this to a degree is what 
I’m thinking. I’d be happy contribute a PR with a little help.


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