Hi Roland,

> On 3 Feb 2018, at 5:56 pm, Roland Kuhn <goo...@rkuhn.info> wrote:
> I agree on the tendency. In the case of Akka there are two reasons for using 
> reflection and neither of them is caused by a lack of static types: 
> extensibility and remote marshaling. A new implementation could remove 
> configuration and skip serialization for the local case—in fact that was done 
> in my approach. Perhaps reviving that would solve your issue.
Sounds good to me. :-)

As a slight aside, I think that my general position is that no matter how many 
resources are available to a system, or what the perceived security 
requirements are, dead code elimination is going to become necessary in order 
for the JVM to continue competing against LLVM and other native, linking style 
targets (hence Graal AOT perhaps). For one thing, the more that I can run on a 
single machine, the less my costs are in terms of the machine’s specs.

Thanks for the discussion.


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