On 13/04/18 11:16, Marc Schlegel wrote:

I would like to know if Akka Http is suitable to implement a small
orchestration layer.
The idea is to send events from the microservice to the orchestration layer
(Akka with Akka Http). I think Akka is a nice fit for orchestration but I
am not sure if Akka Http is the best solution to work with external systems.

Note: the events are implemented by Google Protocolbuffers because my
demo-projects implements the services in several languages (Go, Java, Rust)
and by using protobuf I can generate consistent DTOs. I've first looked
into Alpakka but it seems this has a different focus and currently no
official support for protobuf messages.

I've prototyped something that sounds a little similar to this and it works well. I have a controller actor running on one node that maintains a list of pending work. Worker actors are started on other nodes and connect to the controller actor to request work which they then process. The worker actors are just thin wrappers around instances of a large, legacy C++ application which is in effect a batch process. The worker nodes create a worker actor for each instance of the legacy app, plus there is a shared localhost-only Akka HTTP server actor to provide a protobuf endpoint for the C++ app instances on the worker node to talk to. The C++ app has been modified to use libcurl & protobuf to connect to the localhost HTTP server to request work details and provide completion information which is 'proxied' back by the worker actors to the controller actor on the controller node.

All the external communication is done with protobuf, both between the akka actors on the master and worker nodes and between the worker actors and the legacy C++ app, via the localhost HTTP actor. I've used akka remoting for the cross-node control rather than akka cluster as if the controller node dies there is nothing further that can be done anyway and the worker actors just kill any running C++ app instances and exit. Workers can be added dynamically and will be issued pending work and if they die the controller will reschedule the work they were doing to another worker.

This all works nicely and protobuf integrates well into Akka HTTP, with the addition of a tiny amount of glue code to to the protobuf marshalling for akka HTTP - see https://github.com/scalapb/ScalaPB/issues/247 for the details. With that in place, the routing logic for processing looks similar to this outline, where JobFinishedMsg is a protobuf message:

path("job_finished") {
  post {
    entity(as[JobFinishedMsg])(msg => {
      log.debug("received message {}", msg.id)

Alan Burlison

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