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On 13/01/2017 10:22, Pierre Labastie wrote:
On 13/01/2017 09:51, Gordon Findlay wrote:

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    On 13/01/2017 09:32 πμ, Gordon Findlay wrote:


        I build (using jhalfs) a SYSV5 system from the SVN of 21/12/16.

        Tonight I attempted to build another system, using jhalfs
        (trunk, newly
        checked out), and had some trouble.

        Firstly it required, which isn't a part of the
        build. But building it using the note in LFS Chapt 6.20 fixed

        But next jhalfs required

        (menu/mconf: error while loading shared libraries ... no
        such file).

There is no on the system. Have I missed installing it
        somewhere? I cannot find it in either LFS or BLFS index.

        Thanks for any advice


    Did you try to create symlink ->

​Tried that, but the resulting menu was unusable (using the wrong character set​) whereas menuconfig for the kernel works fine.

It looks like you have a version of mconf compiled against lib{ncurses,tinfo}.so.5, and somehow, those librairies were replaced by the .6 ones at some point. I'd suggest recompiling mconf:
make -C menu clean && make


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