Yes...but how (and what) do I do to connect this to my computer?  I want to
be able to transfer files to my computer (actually to the external drive
that is on my computer) so, how do I accomplish this?
Tom Kaufman

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Sent: Monday, January 15, 2018 10:07 PM
Subject: Re: [all-audio] A Question About Olympus DM720

If memory serves me on the left hand side of its body moving towards the 
bottom is a slider switch if you move it down toward the bottom the USB 
connector will make its appearance from the bottom edge of the unit where it

resides behind the wee door that opens up with the sliding of this switch no

extra cords are needed.  As for mp3 settings they do speak they're in the 
record menu and I believe it does linear pcm wave mp3 64, 128 or 320 kbps.
Folder changing button I believe is lower right hand corner of front face of

the recorder.

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Subject: [all-audio] A Question About Olympus DM720

Hello list:  Well I went and bought the Olympus DM720 a week or so ago.  I
decided to go ahead and put the battery in and see what I can get out of it!
One question I have (and I actually have more than one) but for now I'd like
to know where the little thingy is where you plug in if you want to transfer
something to your computer (I assume that this recorder will allow for that)
would hate to think that I have bought a digital recorder that has no way to
accomplish this!  However I'm not finding it; the other thing is that maybe
there's a possibility that I don't have the right kind of cord that'll work
with this recorder?  I do have other questions, such is what's the magic
button I push to change from folder-A to Folder-B?  And how do I tell it
that I want to make MP3 recordings?  From what I am seeing, not all the
functions speak, so one can get lost!  But remember that I've just begun to
explore this little thing, so there's probably a lot that I'm not seeing!
Would be helpful if there is some type of tutorial for this machine?  Thanks
for any help or guidance that any of you can provide!

Tom Kaufman

Denton, MD. U.S.A.

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