Indeed, that feature comparison table was dreadful! I used to understand old 
versions of it, but not this one!

I've read the descriptions of the differences between the standard and 
Professional Edition, but I'm a little boggled by the mall. I know with the 
Professional Edition you can capture audio output before it gets to the 
soundcard. You can also timeshift recordings and play a sound you are recording.

Because I'm a little overwhelmed by the documentation, if you can mention which 
features you're looking for, or what you hope to accomplish, I can probably 
figure it out. I thought I would be able to give you a summary, but there's too 
much there for me to summerize, since I don't understand it all that well.

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        Hello all,

been looking at total recorder.  I can't figure out the table of
benefits between the standard, pro, and video versions of total recorder. 
Could somebody summerize the benefits of Pro, versus standard please?


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