32 Gigs is about 32 regular music CDs worth of recordings. Again like Dain said. If you record in CD quality. the P2 can do DVD audio too though. That is 48 KHZ 16 bits. Also you can go all the way up to ful glorious 96 KHZ 24 bits Blu-Ray disk audio quality. Which is what I do with my LS 14.

On 4/8/2018 11:51 PM, Anders Holmberg wrote:
 From what i understand it only can handle 32 gig sd cards.
Its a bit to small i think but maybe its enough for recording.
I am not good in mathematics so i don’t know.

8 apr. 2018 kl. 20:54 skrev Dane Trethowan <grtd...@internode.on.net>:

I have the recorder in my hand so I'll take a look now.

The recorder offers 3 encoding modes for MP3, 64K mono, and 128K or 320K stereo.

The 64K mono makes a lot of sense if you're just going to be recording speech 
say at a lecture and you're not worried about a stereo effect but you do want 
decent quality speech, 64K mono equals the sound of 128K as the same bandwidth 
is used for the mono signal that's used for stereo thus a higher quality sound.

320K is fine but I have to admit that I'd be tempted to use FLAC rather than 
320K. FLAC is a little bigger yes but offers Lossless quality.

Anyway whatever your preferecne the LS-P4 is flexible enough to accommodate.

On 9/04/2018 4:40 AM, Robin Frost wrote:
I was wondering if Dane would be kind enough to list for us the various mp3 bit 
rates this device offers in that menu? I've looked on the Olympus site and even 
in its manual and can't seem to find one short of buying one and exploring for 
myself.  I'd think it'd mirror those found on the ls-p2 but hate to assume 
these days. Thanks bunches in advance.

-----Original Message----- From: Dane Trethowan
Sent: Saturday, April 7, 2018 4:43 PM
To: all-audio@groups.io
Subject: Re: [all-audio] Olympus LS-P4

Just external microphone and headphones though you could probably set the 
recorder to use the microphone jack as a line-out so will try that in a few 
minutes to see what actually needs to be done.

On 8 Apr 2018, at 4:53 am, Anders Holmberg <and...@pipkrokodil.se> wrote:

It seems not to expensive either.
What input jacks do you have on that beast?

5 apr. 2018 kl. 17:43 skrev Dane Trethowan <grtd...@internode.on.net>:

I've been playing about with the recorder since then and have made quite a few 
more recordings.

I really love the way the "Auto" mode works and it should be good enough for 
most situations people are likely to come across.

The recorder sets the level and if the level is quieter the recorder will 
adjust the level again however the recorder takes a quarter of a second or so 
before it starts adjusting and the range of level adjustment is huge! the 
recorder can adjust from an extremely low level input to extremely high where 
the quietest sounds are picked up.

To illustrate what I'm talking about, I was recording the radio when my mobile 
phone rang so I decided to call the party back at the other end of the house.

In the meantime I'd turned the radio off thus everything was quiet so the Olympus LS-P4 
took full advantage of that whilst recording in "Auto" mode.

The recorder turned the level all the way up to max and I could be heard 
talking on the phone from the other end of the house.

Nothing startling perhaps but just an observation.

On 6/04/2018 12:49 AM, Joe Paton wrote:
Cheers dane, sounds pretty good on this system.

Thanks for taking the trouble.


Joe Paton
telephone: 01702 543624
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"A dog is a good thing to have around a house and so is a fence"


"A dog is a good thing to have around a house and so is a fence"

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