Hi Merv,
The microphones that I have used are, the samson go mic, the snow ball mic, and the Yeti Blue. I think that I placed them in order of lowest price to highest. It really depends on what kind of sound quality you are looking for. Also, if you want to capture sound right in front of the mic, side to side, or all around the room, such as you might have with people sitting around a table.
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I am looking for a good USB C Microphone for my new iPad 2018. It has a
great internal Microphone array. However, I would like some recommendations
for a good external Microphone for both Podcasting as well as recording
various miscellaneous activities. Podcasting is the more essential activity

My new 512 GB 12.9 Inch 2018 iPad has a USB C rather than a Lightning jack.

Thanks in advance.


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