Dear John and all,

        Thanks for your kindly tribute to Harry Dewey.  Although we never met, 
we exchanged hundreds of emails both privately and via Alpine-l. At the time it 
was unique, exciting and involving. I corresponded with some wonderful people 
in the US, the UK and elsewhere. 

        Harry managed to keep the discourse active, polite and on topic. These 
are characters sorely lacking all too often in today’s alternatives. 

        I exchanged those similar padded envelopes with more than my share of 
garden goodies many of which still thrive and remind me of long gone wonderful 
gardeners. I doubt today’s gardeners, and not just "Alpine gardeners", can 
appreciate the fun and import of the posts and activities that Harry originated 
and supported.  He was a unique garden personality. Without him, Alpine-l lost 
its way for the most part. Various replacements are just not the same. 

        Yes he is missed, but still appreciated.                Yours is a well 
deserved and modest tribute to a very special man.                      Thanks, 
        Jim Waddick

On Mar 6, 2016, at 3:38 PM, wrote:

Others have paid tribute to Harry Dewey here, and Alpine-L seems the 
best place to announce my own tribute blog post,

I have no idea how many people are still connected through Alpine-L, but 
I'm sure many will remember Harry's interventions and encouragements 
with fondness and gratitude. He was a pioneer and a lovely man.

John Grimshaw
Settrington, North Yorkshire
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