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Willie Sippel wrote:
> Hi.
> As some of you may know, Creamware (http://www.creamware.de) is under
> new management since 2004 - and they have changed their mind regarding
> Linux support.


[snipped interesting information about the SFP]

I'm a user of the Creamware Noah (Ex). With extensive help from Clemens
Ladisch we've got the audio and the midi interface working with the
current alsa-cvs. (driver snd-usb-audio)

I would really be amazed to have full Linux support for that device and
I've some programming capabilities as well.

But I'm not sure about, wether the NDA agrees in the basic alsa
principles. What are the developers of alsa are thinking about that

I'm working (for now only for my own requirements) on a midi based gui
to control the different plugins. Without the possibilty to upload
plugins so far. That's done by my one Windows machine. Ok, that doesn't
happen that much. But it would be fine, to manage the CF-Card and other
settings via the attached computer. 

The architecture that I'm able to provide is x86.

Regards, Hartmut
Hartmut Geissbauer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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