Willie Sippel wrote:
> > But I'm not sure about, wether the NDA agrees in the basic alsa
> > principles. What are the developers of alsa are thinking about that
> > agreement?

AFAIK drivers for ATI hardware are developed in a similar way (ATI
gives specs under an NDA, the resulting driver is open source).

Takashi, is that right?

> I told Frank about the work you did on Noah support, and he was _very_
> impressed.

Well, there isn't much reason to be impressed, as the Noah conforms to
the USB audio specification, and the driver already implemented it.
(The only reason I had to make a change to the driver was that the
Noah and the driver, uh, didn't entirely agree on how to interpret a
minor detail of the spec.)

Tell him that NetBSD and OpenBSD have USB MIDI drivers, too.  :-)

Unlike the USB audio/MIDI parts, writing support for the vendor-
specific parts of the Noah and for the SFP PCI cards won't be a matter
of ten minutes, of course.

> It should work as follows:
> 1. Interested developers would sign the NDA.
> 2. Those developers would get the source and specs, and tell CW what
> parts need to become open to get the hardware working.

Well, I would be interested in this.


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