On 06/21/2007 01:35 AM, Blue I wrote:

> The card in use is using snd_emu10k1, and I asked the user to perform this
> command:
> #aplay -D hw:0,0 the_user_soundfile.mp3
> the user tells me that the sound is not playing well

While that doesn't surprise me...

> : the first two seconds of the file are looped with glitches... exactly
> the way like the trouble trying to be resolved with the user's xmms and
> rhtymbox.

... that does. He should be getting white noise due to aplay interpreting 
that MP3 that it doesn't understand as a stream of raw U8, 8000 Hz, mono 
samples. That is -- aplay doesn't do .mp3. Try a .wav.

However, since the symptom is not consistent with the above, the problem's 
probably something else. I have no experience with emu10k1, but if noone 
gets you a better/more specific answer, try making the user boot while 
specifying "pci=noacpi" as a kernel parameter -- perhaps it's some weirdo 
IRQ routing problem.


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