Blue I wrote:
> hello everybody,
> I want to have some logs about a command "aplay something" not performing
> well.
> I am currently trying to help someone on a Debian forum, about sound issues,
> probably alsa related.
> I still wait from some answers from this user, but I already have some
> questions for you @ alsa.
> The card in use is using snd_emu10k1, and I asked the user to perform this
> command:
> #aplay -D hw:0,0 the_user_soundfile.mp3
> the user tells me that the sound is not playing well : the first two seconds
> of the file are looped with glitches... exactly the way like the trouble
> trying to be resolved with the user's xmms and rhtymbox.
> do you know about alsa system logs or alsa commands or tools, that will help
> me focuss on the trouble : why aplay is not performing really well ? what is
> going wrong with aplay ?
> i still wait for the user's answer to
> #cat /proc/asound/cards
> #aplay -l.
> but if ever these two commands reports no troubles about the
> alsa-configuration... i don't have a clue to investigate further.
> any help appreciated.
> sincerely
> Blue I.

Just follow the diagnostic steps on the wiki.

You can also use:
speaker-test -c2 -Dplug:front -twav

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