Hello Garnet,

Am Montag, 30. Juli 2007 21:58:05 schrieb Garnet MacPhee:
> Hi, Benjamin,
> I saw your post on the alsa-user forum, and it seems to me that the problem
> you are having is the same as mine. I posted on June 22, my post was titled
> "ttable for ICE1712 not working in alsa-lib 1.0.14a".
> There apppears to have been a change in alsa-lib between release 1.0.14rc3
> and 1.0.14rc4 that is causing our problem. I have not been able to resolve
> it yet, so I am still running alsa-lib at 1.0.14rc3. I am currently running
> the alsa driver at 1.0.14, but it seems to not matter what release the
> driver is.
> I collected some of the same documentation that you did in your post.
> Let me know if you have made any progress on this, and I will do the same.
> Garnet MacPhee

I just tested alsa-lib version 1.0.15rc1. In this version I do not have the 
problem anymore. The changelog lists the fix of the float plugin too.


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