Thank you for all the replies.  They are a good food for the mind.

On Tue, Mar 06, 2018 at 09:10:48PM +0000, Jean-Louis Martineau wrote:
> You can't restore in a unique tree of files.
> I do not understand why you want to do that.

Let-me explain better.  I have a big tree of files on OpenAFS, a
network filesystem, that is backup up by amanda.  I need to copy this
tree to another place.  I could use rsync, but I think this rsync will
take several days on a moving target.

My "clever idea" was to use the backups of amanda to restore the files
in the target.  The backups I want forms a subset of all the clients
and DLEs in the amanda server.  This means some thing like 6 clients
and 61 DLEs from 800.  So is a good case for a script to recover this
61 DLEs.

> To do it:
>  - patch amgtar to remove the -G flag ("-xpGvf" to "-xpvf"), otherwise 
> extracting a DLE will remove what was extracted from another DLE, but file 
> erase before the backup will not be erased
> - run 'amadmin CONF find' to get the list of all dumps [HOST DISK DATE LEVEL] 
> you want to restore
> - run 'amfetchdump CONF --extract --directory /tmp/restore [HOST DISK DATE 
> LEVEL]*',putting all [HOST DISK DATE LEVEL] on the same command line.
> Jean-Louis
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> Subject: Restoring files from amanda in a script
> Hi,
> In short I want to restore from a specific date, all the data from
> multiples DLEs and multiples servers into a unique tree of files in
> the amanda server.  This is too much tedious to do using the
> interactive amrecover.  This is Complex enough to use a script with
> amrestore or amfetchdump to restore all the files I want.  My first
> approach is not working well.  So I would like to hear the experiences
> from the list for similar problems.  I am interested in hints before I
> deep dive into the RTFM.
> Kind regards
> Jose M Calhariz

Kind regards
Jose M Calhariz


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