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> On Dec 1, 2016, at 5:59 PM, MRob <> wrote:
> (1) Don't do any per-user settings in amavis/SA, make sure 
> $sa_tag_level_deflt is undef and $sa_spam_subject_tag is empty string. This 
> causes the spam status headers to be inserted in all cases, then we apply 
> filtering rules during delivery that let the user tag the subject or other 
> things. The annoying part about this is if a user sets a different score than 
> our $sa_tag2_level_deflt, the headers don't agree with their spam detection 
> level. We tell users to ignore the discrepancy, since our filter system goes 
> by score and not the yes/no indicators. I suppose it might be possible to 
> rewrite the yes/no parts of the headers, but that seems dubious.
> (2) Run SA out of the LDA instead of amavis. This gives complete control to 
> the users, though multiple recipient emails will get scanned more than once 
> and if a user changes scoring that lets egregious spam through and sets a 
> forwarding address to Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo, our MTA's reputation suffers 
> (or indeed, if forwarding is done with aliases in the MTA, *all* spam gets 
> sent to the destination which can be harmful).
> I hadn't known that amavis per-user settings carried a performance burden, so 
> that's good to know. I'm not sure if you'd be interested in option 2 and 
> would be keen to know if you think it might suffer the same performance 
> problems (spamd looking up user settings in SQL).
> May I ask what your present per-user setup is?

Neither of these work for us, since we filter email for thousands of domains 
and aren't doing local delivery of the email, and because we need all the 
header information to be accurate for our users.

Right now we use the sa_userconf sql field, and a sa_userpref table per the 
standard SpamAssassin methodology.  But the SA switch user can easily add 
several hundred milliseconds to the processing of each mail, so we need to get 
rid of it.

We need to adjust the SA score, and have amavisd-new then process the email 
appropriately, making sure all the headers are correct, the email is properly 
delivered or quarantined, etc....  Either that's going to have be via the user 
preference switch, or we have to do it in a Custom hook (checks).  And the 
slower processing time is forcing us to look at the latter solution.

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