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> Hi all ,
> two questions, maybe someone can help:
> 1. I was trying to compile a complete list of all bots that were ever 
> (potentially) active on the English Wikipedia so that one can identify bot 
> accounts in the dumps. Below are all the lists (including historic bots) that 
> I could find [1]. Out of those overlapping lists, I extracted 2795 unique bot 
> names (some seem to be just names for bot approval request pages). Going 
> through the historic edit data (no current redirects),  1377 user names were 
> actually in that list. Does anyone know if that should cover (almost) all 
> ever active bots, or is there even a better list/method? I would like to 
> avoid using unreliable regular expressions. (Similar question for other 
> language editions)
> 2.  I counted bot edits per half year in en.wikipedia and saw a major 
> decrease between in the first half of 2013  from ~ 3 M to ~1M edits per half 
> year between January and July 2013, which seems to be in line with official 
> stats [2]. This is likely not news, so can someone enlighten me regarding 
> what brought about that sharp decline of bot edits?

This is probably caused by Wikidata making it unnecessary to run bots
to synchronize language links between language versions.


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