Hi everyone,

I tried to compile the Clang/LLVM toolchain from AOSP source a while ago 
and it looked like to be a very complex system (see my older post 

Now, I'm trying (again) to build Clang/LLVM toolchain...

First, I saw this README 
<https://android.googlesource.com/platform/ndk/+/master/build/tools/> that 
mentions under "Building the toolchains" to execute 
--minimal". The minimal flags does not exist. Can someone confirm that this 
documentation is outdated?

Then, I tried to follow another solution 
Despite the fact that it requires a crazy amount of dependencies, it seems 
to work. As my goal was to build a custom Clang (containing my own passes), 
I tried to merge it into external/llvm and external/clang... As if it were 
not complicated enough, the Clang/LLVM sources in the AOSP do not use CMake 
but use *.bp files (soong build system?) spread in every directory... I 
also ended up reading how the synching with official clang/llvm 
version is made.

- Do we really need to use the "repo" tool and all those dependencies to 
only build the Clang toolchain? Any other "simple" solution (maybe CMake 
- Where do the *.bp files come from? Do I need to update them manually 
after merging my Clang/LLVM version into external/clang and external/llvm? 
Or are they generated?
- What I'm trying to achieve is nearly the same as what Google developers 
do when they incorporate an upstream version of Clang/LLVM. Does someone 
who has already done that could describe the steps needed?

Many thanks for your help !

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