Brian E Carpenter <> wrote:
    >> >   a) The above "transport-proto /= 41" is technically an update to
    >> > GRASP RFC which allows only UDP / TCP. There is some process around
    >> really?
    >> QUESTION to Brian.

    > It's an extension, which seems to me is not strictly speaking
    > an update. So the WG has two choices, IMHO:

    > 1. Leave it here described as an extension, don't touch the GRASP spec.
    > 2. Add this to the CDDL in GRASP at AUTH48, with the AD's approval.

    > The addition would give:

    > transport-proto = IPPROTO_TCP / IPPROTO_UDP / IPPROTO_IPV6
    > IPPROTO_TCP = 6
    > IPPROTO_UDP = 17
    > IPPROTO_IPV6 = 41

    > (It is not an accident that the names chosen are those used
    > in the socket API. Sadly, they are not maintained by IANA.)

I guess I thought that any value from
was valid.

>   Note 3: The IPPROTO values are taken from the existing IANA Protocol
>   Numbers registry in order to specify TCP or UDP.  If GRASP requires
>   future values that are not in that registry, a new registry for
>   values outside the range 0..255 will be needed.

"not in that registry", and IPV6=41, is in that registry.
While there a bunch which probably are nonsense to use (e.g, PRM)
a bunch are relatively clear: SCTP, RDP, DCCP...

I believe that the answer is to move all the IPIP specification to another

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