Based upon the comment that the author list on the YANG module, and
the author list on the document did not match, the authors had
a bit of a think on this, and decided that we would remove
Steinthor Bjarnason and add Toerless Eckert.
** Everyone was consulted beforehand **

Steinthor Bjarnason originated many of the ideas in the document four plus
years ago, but has not been able to contribute to it for a number of
years.  We prominently acknowledge his contribution.

Toerless Eckert made many editorial passes over the past two years
and turned himself from document shepherd and co-chair into a regular

As he was also the document shepherd, we had a conversation with
our AD about the appropriateness of this change, and got approval.

The WG, of course, may have other opinions, as it is the WG's document,
and people should not feel shy this.

Michael Richardson <>, Sandelman Software Works
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