Benjamin Kaduk <> wrote:
    >> I guess by WWAN card, you mean some kind of LTE or 5G connection?  Or
    >> do you mean 802.11/802.15.4?  The distinction matters, because LTE
    >> cards have SIM cards, and therefore are not zero-touch.

    > Um.  I think I meant LTE, along the lines of how I can buy a car these
    > days that will "phone home" to the dealer when I need to go in for
    > service.

And which is never actually your car, nor has it any actual credentials
that you control :-)

It was onboarded at the factory.

    >> Would some addition to the ACP applicability stating the above be
    >> useful?

    > Oh sure, the link-local IPv6 of the proto-ACP would be a great way to
    > show locality.  Please do add some text regarding the ACP
    > applicability.

Added after -26.

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