Hello everybody,

our current configuration management system uses a path notation for
hierarchical hostgroups (subgroups), i.e.


which would correspond to Ansible's




While using a dynamic inventory source for adapting the legacy inventory,
(Ansible does not care about the slash '/' in a group name), we ran into
problems declaring group variables via .yml-files on the filesystem:


is found by hosts in any of the above hostgroups, since Ansible
searches for all yml-files below group_vars/test/ and assigns their variables
to every host in the 'test' group.

One way around this problem might be to "flatten" the group tree by
replacing the '/' by '_' in the dynamic inventory source. Apart from 
possible (though unlikely) naming conflicts, this would be quite ugly 
abanding not only a quite nice notation for subgroups but also the 
much cleaner organisation of files and directories below group_vars.

Is there an alternative apart from rewriting Ansible's part of parsing 
the group_vars directories?

Many thanks in advance,

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