If you're interested, the crux of the issue with the latest ansible is 

Ansible is pre-loading a list of all the files in the group_vars directory 
one level deep. You can still assign your machine to a group named 
"one/two/three", but ansible will only have added a group_vars_file entry 
of "one" from the call to _find_group_vars_files. During variable lookup 
for the group "one/two/three" it checks for a group_vars_files entry of 
When it finds none, it just moves on.

On Thursday, December 1, 2016 at 9:26:56 AM UTC-7, Devin Christensen wrote:
> The biggest caveat here is that groups with a slash (/) in the name no 
> longer work in the latest version of ansible. It treats everything up to 
> but excluding the first slash as the group name.
> We were doing this for a while but broke it out so there was no overlap by 
> having a prefix for each group that defined the group's scope, E.g.
> site/site1
> site/site2
> site-env/site1-prod
> site-env/site1-testing
> env/sand
> env/testing
> It's no longer hierarchical, but still takes advantage of folders for 
> organization, and you can set lookup priority by, E.g., making 
> site-env/site1-testing a child of the env/testing group.
> To make this compatible with the latest ansible, I replaced slashes with 
> underscores. It's not as pretty but it works.

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