So, the general idea is I've got a playbook that has a set of "property" 
files (yaml format).  Different filenames, but the variable names inside 
are the same:

site_name: appA
port: 8080

site_name: appB
port: 8090

and so on.  I want to run a task that does work using each of those in turn 

- name: print out the value of site_name and port for each of the 
group_vars files
  debug: msg="My site {{ site_name }} is on port {{ port }}"

So you'd expect output like

My site appA is on port 8080
My site appB is on port 8090

I'm not finding a way to get this result.  You can't apply a with_fileglob 
to a task block so I'm not sure how to do something to *both* "reset" the 
variables (something like var_files?) *and* do some kind of work with the 
values from *that* file.  I'm assuming I'm missing something about how to 
look at this?

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