+1 here; having ansible-playbook return a 0 exit code when tasks fail make 
automating with a CI server more difficult then it has to be.

On Friday, January 10, 2014 at 11:01:36 AM UTC-8, Mike Bain wrote:
> +1 Having an option for ansible to return an exit code if a task fails 
> would be good for us. We also have automated ansible scripts and rely on 
> exit codes to know if the ansible commands worked or not.
> I think of ansible as being great tool to run a users tasks. From this 
> user centric point of view when a task fails the whole process has failed, 
> even if technically ansible itself hasn't actually failed. I do care if 
> ansible fails, and also care if one of my tasks fails. 
> The current ansible return code setup feels like a browser not showing me 
> an error response because it handled the web servers error correctly. 
> Currently, to get a non zero exit code on ansible task failures I pipe the 
> ansible output into perl: 
> ansible-playbook <options> | perl -pe 'END { exit $status } $status=1 if 
> /FAILED:|Failed:/;'
> Cheers
> Mike

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