Currently in Tower we have dynamic inventory set up to pull in data about 
EC2 instances from our AWS account. We have vpc_destination_variable set to 
internal IPs since we connect to EC2 via Direct Connect.

After a lot of work, I have Kerberos working with my Windows hosts! 
However, my current issue is that this only works when the target is a 
hostname that exists in AD, not an IP address.

By convention, all of our EC2 instances have their Name tag set to match 
the AD hostname of the instance. So what I would like to do is setup my 
dynamic EC2 inventory to use the Name tag's value as the host's target 
value instead of the internal IP. Unfortunately, I have the impression that 
this is not possible, since the vpc_destination_variable must be one of the 
boto.ec2.instance variables specified 
which does not include tags as an option.

But maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way - is there a straightforward 
way to achieve what I'm trying to do? A dynamic inventory that will use 
Windows/AD host names as the target, at least? Ideally by using the built 
in utilities that pull from EC2? Any thoughts on how to approach this 
problem appreciated.

Thank you,


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