On Tuesday, 6 March 2018 18.15.12 CET 'Daley Okuwa' via Ansible Project wrote:
> Hello
> I have a config to copy config to a tftp server
> but with the expect module 
> it just hangs no error 
> it logs it successful with telnet( I can see it in the logs) but does not 
> copy ( I have tested it manually with ftp)
> please tell me where I am going wrong 
> ---
> - hosts: cisco
>   connection: local
>   gather_facts: yes
>   ignore_errors: yes
>   tasks:
>     - name: run show command via Telnet using the expect module
>       expect:
>        command: telnet
>        responses:
>          Username: admin
>          Password: xxxxx
>          POD2_C3560#:
>            command: copy running-config ftp
>            responses:
>            Address or name of remote host []?:
>            Destination filename [pod2_c3560-confg]?: pod2_c3560-confg
>            command: exit

It looks like you are trying with levels of responses, that is not supported.
prompt bellow is also called question as in the documentation.

- expect:
    command: tel...
      prompt-1: answer-1
      prompt-2: answer-2
        - answer-3
        - answer-4
        - anser-5

When an prompt appears more than once you need a list of answers like prompt-3 
about, the first time it sees prompt-3 expect will respond with answer-3, the 
nest time it sees prompt-3 it will respond with answer-4. 
The prompt/question is regex, so all regex special character like ()[]? need to 
be escaped if you have those character in that in the prompt.

It you don't get it working with this you need to provide the complete output 
when you do this manually.

Kai Stian Olstad

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