On 07.03.2018 11:26, 'Daley Okuwa' via Ansible Project wrote:

when I run this I also get error message after amending the yaml script

- hosts: cisco
  connection: local
  gather_facts: yes
  ignore_errors: yes
    - name: run show command via Telnet using the expect module
       command: telnet
         Username: admin
         Password: xxxxxx
       command: copy running-config ftp
         Address or name of remote host:
         Destination filename pod2_c3560-confg:
           -  pod2_c3560-confg
         command: exit

You can only have one command: in expect.

If command is a prompt its not correctly indented.
And one prompt can only be listed once, the different responses is a list to that prompt.

If you would like more help you _need_ to provide the complete output when you do this task manually, without it this is futile.

Kai Stian Olstad

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