Hi Nick,

Not really, I think you're reading a different text ... I'm not intending to 
ask RIPE to verify if the operators resolve the abuse cases.

The point here is to amend the existing policy to do a *good* validation of the 
abuse mailbox.

The actual policy only makes a "technical" validation, so it checks that the 
mailbox exists and is the right one and allows sending abuse reports, and 
that's it.

If the mailbox is full, if it is never read, if it belongs to a /dev/null or 
not the right person or team, even if it if you have my email in your abuse-c, 
all that, passes the validation.


El 15/1/20 13:14, "anti-abuse-wg en nombre de Nick Hilliard" 
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    Serge Droz via anti-abuse-wg wrote on 15/01/2020 08:24:
    > So the extra work is what, 10 minutes / year, if the system is setup
    > properly?
    The policy proposal here is: if the registry doesn't comply, then it is 
    in explicit violation of RIPE policies.
    According to the "Closure of Members, Deregistration of Internet 
    Resources and Legacy Internet Resources" document (currently RIPE 
    716), if you don't comply with RIPE policies or RIPE NCC procedures, 
    then the RIPE NCC is obliged to follow up with the resource holder and 
    if they continue not to comply, then the number resources will be withdrawn.
    The purpose behind RIPE-716 is to ensure accurate registration of number 
    resources, which the core function of the RIPE registry.
    Jordi has confirmed that the intention behind 2019-04 is to force 
    resource holders to comply with the abuse handling procedures defined in 
    his policy, and that if they don't comply for whatever reason, that 
    their number resources are withdrawn under the terms of RIPE-716.
    To be clear, deregistration of resources would make it difficult or 
    impossible for almost any holder of addresses to continue their business.
    So what's being proposed here is that RIPE-716 - whose purpose was to 
    ensure integrity and accuracy of the the RIPE registry - should now be 
    repurposed as a mechanism to enforce social behaviour practices on the 
    There are some pretty serious and fundamental problems with this.
    Many of these problems were discussed in the context of RIPE policy 
    2019-03 ("Resource Hijacking is a RIPE Policy Violation"), and some of 
    them were formally addressed in the RIPE NCC review of that policy.

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