Rolf, you are one of the biggest ad most persistent TROLLS on the the internet. *Nobody* gives a damn what you wrote in 1996...or at any other time, before or since, for that matter.  You are a legend in your own mind and the sooner you are banned from this list, (like you have been banned from PTTP and other lists) the better.
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Subject: For Richard R, Barry S etc: On the SU's Afghan war, 1979-89 [WWW.STOPNATO.ORG.UK

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> Now that there once more is a big war in Afghanistan,
> and once more people all over the world rightly are
> protesting against this atrocity too, there has been
> something of a discussion on this list about the
> previous aggression against that country, in 1979-89.
> It's possible that some list subscribers don't know
> all that much about this earlier war. Richard Roper
> and Barry Stoller, for instance, certainly don't know
> even the most elementary things about it, as can
> be seen from some recent postings of theirs.
> So for your benefit, Richard and Barry - and I hope
> this may interest list subscribers in general - I'm
> sending again four postings of mine from 1996 which
> were about that war, among other things reproducing
> a report on how it was discussed beforehand among
> the top Soviet social-imperialists leaders at the time:
> The 4 parts of my "UNITE! Info #19en: 1/4 Social-
> imperialism's Afghan war", originally of 09.10.1996.
> Coming up now, separately.
> At least some knowledge of that former war is
> needed, I hold, if you're to understand properly
> what's going on in the present one in Afghanistan
> too.
> Rolf M.
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