>Rolf, you are one of the biggest ad most persistent TROLLS on the 
>the internet. *Nobody* gives a damn what you wrote in 1996...or at 
>any other time, before or since, for that matter.  You are a legend 
>in your own mind and the sooner you are banned from this list, (like 
>you have been banned from PTTP and other lists) the better.


>>  ---------------------------
>>  Now that there once more is a big war in Afghanistan,
>>  and once more people all over the world rightly are
>>  protesting against this atrocity too, there has been
>>  something of a discussion on this list about the
>  > previous aggression against that country, in 1979-89.
>  >
>>  It's possible that some list subscribers don't know
>>  all that much about this earlier war. Richard Roper
>>  and Barry Stoller, for instance, certainly don't know
>  > even the most elementary things about it, as can
>>  be seen from some recent postings of theirs.
>  >
>>  So for your benefit, Richard and Barry - and I hope
>>  this may interest list subscribers in general - I'm
>>  sending again four postings of mine from 1996 which
>>  were about that war, among other things reproducing
>  > a report on how it was discussed beforehand among
>>  the top Soviet social-imperialists leaders at the time:


Though from what I see, it took you time to fully understand all the 
ramifications of the struggle of classes since the war has finished 
in 1989.

Why to stay only there? "Modesty is a false virtue" as the french say 
and to me it seems that this description fits you like a glove.  But 
there are plenty of other events I am sure you have something to say, 
so why not to pour in the list your messages by the score or all 
together as you have been doing back in 1999, so we hook on the study 
of the real thing.

Last but not least why don't you make team with another person who 
suddenly disappeared from the list (ouf!) and that has been lecturing 
everybody on everything and talking without stop about the benefits 
of using her site and magazine that had the answer for everything in 
this vain world.

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