At 05:20 2001-12-10 -0500, "comrade mart", "Canada",
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, alias Thomas P. Murray,
USA, (only one of some 30 Murray "cyber ghosts" so far)

>Rolf, you are one of the biggest ad most persistent TROLLS on the
>the internet. *Nobody* gives a damn what you wrote in 1996...or at
>any other time, before or since, for that matter.  You are a legend in
>your own mind and the sooner you are banned from this list, (like
>you have been banned from PTTP and other lists) the better.

Well, Thomas, you certainly are doing your best to "give a
name to" what I've called "social-imperialism", "social-fascism"
and "Quisling 'Marxism'". Confronted with what I'm pointing
out (again), all you can say is "ban-ban-ban!" in true Brezhnev
or - more pertinently today - Ashcroft style. Really a good
"visual demonstration", Murray-"mart"!

Rolf M.

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