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>You are spouting absolute nonsense, and indeed
>attempting to justify and support US. agressesion, as
>well as supporting Imperialism.
>The Russians did not "Invade" them on 7/12/79, in
>spite of what Jimmy "Human Rights" Carter said at the
>time since a major Covert Operation had started, under
>Carter's signature on 3/7/79.
>Quite clearly the government of that country was
>entitled to ask for assistance, as did Nicaragua,
>Angola, Mozambique etc. etc.

Yes, of course, "ASSISTANCE" it was! An "ASSISTANCE"
which meant that (as I repeat):

       1.5 million Afghans were killed
       5-6 million were forced to leave the country - the
         biggest refugee catastrophy in our time - and 1 million
         more forced to leave  their homes, to become refugees in
         Afghanistan itself
       7000 villages were annihilated and 5000 more seriously
       between 10 million (UN estimate) and 60 million (other
         estimates) mines were laid throughout the country by the
       these mines have so far caused 200,000 deaths and
         400,000 maimings; they continue today to take a heavy
         toll and several decades will be required for their
       large parts of the vital and scarce forests were sys-
         tematically destroyed by the Soviet forces
       the infrastructure and the fields for agriculture were
         destroyed to a great extent

What nice people it is who *support* this! What nice people
it is who say that *opposing* this means "supporting
aggression by" that other gangster, US imperialism!

As I wrote back in 1996 too:

"One of the warring factions,
the Taleban, recently conquered the capital and i.a. executed
one of the earlier leaders of the Soviet social-imperialists'
puppet regime in the country, Najibullah. This occasioned a
heated exchange among some people who all are calling
themselves "Marxists".

I on my part expressed, on the Jefferson Village Virginia Marx-
ism list, my opinion that this at least was a just action on the
part of the Taleban...."

Let's hope that the present-day Najibullahs, whether they
are quislings of the Russian new tsarists or of the US
imperialists (or of both), will meet with the same fate,
and not only those in Afghanistan either.

Rolf M.

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