I favour neither of the two. So-called  "revenge" never solved a thing... 

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> ><<<Let's hope that the present-day Najibullahs, whether they
> >are quislings of the Russian new tsarists or of the US
> >imperialists (or of both), will meet with the same fate,
> >and not only those in Afghanistan either.
> >
> >Rolf M.>>>>
> >
> >
> >I believe that this form of "justice" was invented in the wild west...
> Well, yes, I see what you mean. That crook Najibullah didn't get
> a proper trial. I hold that killing him "just like that" was a good
> thing anyway - the facts in that case were very clear to all.
> Proper trials *are* better of course. This is my opinion too.
> My infamous "ex-countryman" Vidkun Quisling, for instance,
> that "original" colleague of Najibullah, did get one, back in
> 1945-46, and was duly hung, "according to all rules and
> proper procedures". Some more of those people really
> should have been too.
> Rolf M.

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