Hi Richard,
I know  this "Rolf"  guy. He is a professional TROLL and this is his stock
and trade - making ridiculous statement and then getting people to respond
to him. It doesn't matter what you say to this guy or how many ways you
prove him wrong. He has tried to wreck several other e-groups with this
tactic and  was eventually, thrown off them and banned. Unfortunately, not
before he literally drove away much of the membership with his endless rants
and tirade that escalated to him making personal threats and publishing
ridiculous statements and personal information about other group members.
His goal is to clog up the lists with posts by and about him.  Apparently,
he has now targeted this list. I suggest the best tactic would be to ignore
him and not respond to his statements. You can't win with this guy and it
only feeds his warped ego and his need to feel important.
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Subject: Re: UNITE! Info #19en: 1/4 Social-imperialism's Afghan war

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> You are spouting absolute nonsense, and indeed
> attempting to justify and support US. agressesion, as
> well as supporting Imperialism.
> The Russians did not "Invade" them on 7/12/79, in
> spite of what Jimmy "Human Rights" Carter said at the
> time since a major Covert Operation had started, under
> Carter's signature on 3/7/79.
> Quite clearly the government of that country was
> entitled to ask for assistance, as did Nicaragua,
> Angola, Mozambique etc. etc.
> But in any case was being subjected to an
> unparralleled  Covert Operation in its scale.
> The country always has had the most enormous strategic
> significance throughout history and since the days of
> the "Great Game", and this point must be grasped.
> Your ASC. and demonstrations were Front-organisations
> designed to prevent protests/ gain support for the
> American action. We have encountered similar
> organisations in Britian supporting all aspects of the
> attack on jugoslavia, all the way through to the
> attack on Macedonia, which incidentally was carried
> out by the same islamic fundamentalist paramilitaries
> used against Afghanistan.
> You are in fact openly supporting the policies and
> actionds of the US. and of Imperialism

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